To be a designer is having a very special way of viewing the world, seeing possibilities – not just certain skills. It is how you organize your day, design your kitchen, and prepare a meal. Questioning the way things are being done. […]

Every profession requires certain skills, and a real professional questions, improves and refines his or her style of working over time. This “special” way of viewing the world is what I think makes the difference – and a designer.

– Michael Holt (2003/06/13) Good Designer = Good Design Teacher?

The above quote is one of my favorite statements about the design profession and the one I find myself in the most. I am obsessed with questioning how things are done and how they could be done better for the people that use them. And with the same critical eye I am constantly examining my work method and approach to design. I love that this profession is persistently challenging me to learn new things.

I am a Swiss Designer with a background in Industrial, a Master Degree in Service and a high interest in User Experience Design. Currently I am living in Milan. I am looking forward to future challenges, discourses and opportunities. Let’s get in contact!