To be a designer is having a very special way of viewing the world, seeing possibilities – not just certain skills. It is how you organize your day, design your kitchen, and prepare a meal. Questioning the way things are being done. […]

Every profession requires certain skills, and a real professional questions, improves and refines his or her style of working over time. This “special” way of viewing the world is what I think makes the difference – and a designer.

– Michael Holt (2003/06/13) Good Designer = Good Design Teacher?

The above quote is one of my favorite statements about the design profession and the one I find myself in the most. I am obsessed with questioning how things are done and how they could be done better for the people that use them. And with the same critical eye I am constantly examining my work method and approach to design. I love that this profession is persistently challenging me to learn new things.

I am a Swiss Designer with a background in Industrial, a Master Degree in Service and a high interest in User Experience Design. Currently I am living in Milan. I am looking forward to future challenges, discourses and opportunities. Let’s get in contact!


Smart Girls, Smart City Hackathon

This Friday I participated in the Smart Girls, Smart City Hackathon @Talent Garden Calabiana in Milano. The scope was to create a solution within 9h, that would increase the quality of life of women in Milan. We came up with a platform-concept that brings together people seeking a side job with people looking for help. The event [...]

fuorisalone Milano

This year was my third time exploring the design week in Milan. To me the greatest thing about fuorisalone is that every time I get to discover more of the many magical places of this beautiful city. However, this year I also got to attend some interesting events, that proved that the design week is not [...]

read: Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug

Recently I finished reading "Don't Make Me Think – A Common Sense Approach to Web and Mobile Usability." by Steve Krug. Reading this book felt like working with a great experienced mentor. Steve Krug is giving very practical and workable advice to anyone striving to create better experiences for their users. Some of my favorite [...]

read: Just Enough Research by Erika Hall

I have been following Erika Hall on several platforms. I find her views on design topics very interesting and I appreciate her as a speaker. So it was clear that – in my quest to improve my user research practice – I would read her book "Just Enough Research. Here are some points that I found [...]

Service Jam Berlin 2016

In February 2016 I attended my first Global Service Jam by joining the Jammers in Berlin. By applying new and known methods in a very playful way we went from a “splash” to a service tweaking the German bottle-deposit-system. www.jamberlin.org


From the 28. – 31. January 2016 I attended the “Unfrozen”-Symposium organized by the Swiss Design Network. Accompanied by some of my fellow students I spent four days in the breathtakingly beautiful Grandhotel Giessbach near the city of Brienz. www.swissdesignnetwork.ch

read: Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro

Quite a while ago one of my professors suggested the class to watch this talk by Mike Monteiro. Having always had a fondness for the "strict but fair"-didactic approach, I immediately searched for more material. Some of my favorite life-lessons from "Design is a Job" and "You're My Favorite Client": The value of good design is the [...]

read: Change By Design by Tim Brown

I had many moments of epiphany reading "Change By Design" by Tim Brown. It was the first book I devoured after finally learning about Design Thinking and all the strategic aspects of design. Some of the quotes, that were especially revealing for me at the time: The greater the complexity and expense, the more "finished" it is likely [...]

read: The Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille

In "The Culture Code" Clotaire Rapaille is talking about how our culture is influencing the way we perceive things. He created an interesting method to better understand the meaning of something in a certain culture: he's trying to find one word (the culture code) that is representing the meaning of something in a specific culture. I like Clotaire [...]