improve hand disinfection in hospitals

product concept for B|Braun


In the 5th semester of my Industrial Design studies we worked on a project for B|Braun. The company, primarily known for their products used in the health care sector, is also distributing hand disinfection solutions. They were asking the class to come up with concepts for a product that would increase the practice of hand disinfection in hospital and support B|Braun in it’s competitive position.


The market of hand disinfection systems for hospitals is very competitive, as we learned in a first induction held by B|Braun. Some of the challenges being:

  • The dispensers have to be designed in a way that competitors will not be able to deliver the refill material.
  • Different countries require different sizes of servings per use of the dispenser.
  • The containers of different contents have to be distinguishable within seconds.
  • Dispensers mustn’t be easy to open, as this might be a threat to alcohol addicted people.



Our Design

Finally, our team presented two designs to the B|Braun committee – through prototypes, final models and renderings.



The B | Braun-Way: This dispensing system enables a new way of operating. The particularly shaped handle can easily be operated with the back of one hand, without the need for touching it with the palm. Additionally the handle serves as a drip pan and ensures that the floors don’t get stained.
To remove the empty container, the handle has to be pushed upwards. The empty bottle emerges from the container and can be removed.


The smart bottle: Instead of being used in a massive dispenser box, the smart bottle itself becomes a complete dispensing system, adaptable to numerous situations. Several add-ons, such as handle, drip pan and wall mounting-platform, can be attached to the smart bottle. In addition to this a spare bottle can be attached to the one in use. This way the staff never has to throw away a half full bottle, but can attach a spare bottle to make sure the disinfectant never runs short.

Academic project @ FHNW Institute Industrial Design
Team: Tobias Dettwiler; Melanie Medina
Partner: B|Braun