create christmas lights for day and night

christmas lights for QVW Zurich


In 2012 the association of the Zurich district called Wipkingen approached us with the request for a concept for Christmas lighting for their newly renovated Röschibach-square – the heart of the district. We happily accepted the task and started working on the light installation that was finally inaugurated in December 2016.

First Concepts

Wipkingen is one of the new upcoming areas of Zurich. It is highly appreciated by the young and young at heart. It was clear from the start that the Christmas light installation shouldn’t be conventional.
In the first round we presented four different directions rather than a finished draft. And together with the district’s association we decided which way to go.


We started prototyping early as there was no other chance to understand a concept that was planned to be made up of a delicate structure and that included the use of light. We started out in paper and changed to aluminium as soon as the basic body was defined.

The Presentation

At the yearly general assembly of Wipkingen we presented our prototype to the public.

Crafting a story

As the realization of the project relied on funding, we started building up the lighting. It was named Hale Bopp after a comet, that was discovered in 1995 and was visible from earth with the naked eye.

One of the public swimming baths of Wipkingen offered to support us. So we started a fundraising-campaign in midsummer. Displaying an appeal for funds before at their open-air cinema screening – referring to Tina Turner, that was said to have sponsored the Christmas lights of another district of Zurich.


In December 2016 the project was finally realized. From now on Hale Bopp will illuminate the Röschibach-square during Christmas time.

An interactive experience

The Röschibach-square is the heart of Wipkingen. It is a lively place that accommodates numerous events and markets throughout the year. Following this idea of a village within a city, Hale Bopp is designed to be an interactive light installation. In the future inhabitants of Wipkingen will be able to alter the color of light by engaging with the social media platforms of the district and have the possibility to buy acquire their own small version of Hale Bopp.

Freelance project by FISCHEREGG
Client: QVW