Money Bag

process desk research / ideation / value proposition / final presentation
tools persona / clay prototype / storyboard
software Photoshop


During this workshop at Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with frog design Milano we developed a scenario for a possible future service in an increasingly cashless society.

Each group was given a basic persona and the task to further develop the persona details and create a valuable service for it within the topic of cashless money.

Research Findings

Competition: While there are numerous apps, like bankaroo and Savings Spree, teaching children how to manage money, there is no service that let’s them experience cashless payment. Money-education-tools still focus very much on physical money.

Technology: At the same time adults are more and more likely to pay with card rather than in cash. And not just that. Contactless payment methods (using RFID or NFC technology) are on the rise. In fact, Visa Europe states that from June 2014 to June 2015 335% more money was spent through contactless payment opposed to the previous year. (as mentioned in a report by the Smart Payment Association)

service design politecnico di milano


Moneybag is a device for children, that allows them to make cashless transactions. The app that accompanies the device allows parents to track the child’s transactions and provides tools to educate the child how to handle cashless money.

The physical device functions as a pre-paid credit card, allowing the children to make payments within a pre-set range of price and location. Those pre-settings can be managed remotely by parents, through the digital platform, allowing them to set regular payments, limits and spending-restrictions. The platform also delivers child-friendly feedback and statistics in order to let children learn how to manage their money in a playful way.

storyboard cashless payment
storyboard app
storyboard control panel
storyboard cashless society


On the third day we presented our scenario with the help of a storyboard and a prototype at the frog-design studio in Milan.

Academic project @ Politecnico di Milano
Team: Daniela Duran, Elisabeth Meehan, Bruna Kochi
Partner: frog design Milan