streamline the booking of co-working spaces

UX design for PopupOffice


In the Summer of 2015 I had the chance to work at a Swiss start-up firm called PopupOffice. PopupOffice is building up a booking platform for shared workspaces, and is thereby reacting to a big trend.

To respond to the high demand for alternative workspaces, PopupOffice is additionally searching to turn temporarily under-used places such as cafés and showrooms into workplaces and meeting rooms.

Designing the User Experience

PopupOffice is an online platform that brings together two different stakeholders (digital nomads and workplace owners) that should meet in real life. And while this encounter can not be designed, we strived to tweak the user journey with touch points, in order to make it as smooth as possible and create an awareness for the brand of PopupOffice.

Prototyping and Testing

In order to test the customer experience we built prototypes, acted out the flows and interactions and conducted interviews with potential users and workspace-hosts.


The user’s service experience depends highly on the interactions between the digital nomad and the staff of the workplaces. Therefore it was important to carefully design the “backstage-processes”.

Work @ popup office