I am Carla Egg, a Swiss service and user experience designer.

After having finished my bachelor in industrial design at the FHNW in Switzerland I moved to Milan to complete a master in service design at the Politecnico di Milano.

Currently, I am facing the challenge of designing applications for medical health records for the Hôpital du Valais.

To be a designer is having a very special way of viewing the world, seeing possibilities – not just certain skills. It is how you organize your day, design your kitchen, and prepare a meal. Questioning the way things are being done. […]

Every profession requires certain skills, and a real professional questions, improves and refines his or her style of working over time. This “special” way of viewing the world is what I think makes the difference – and a designer.

– Michael Holt (2003/06/13) Good Designer = Good Design Teacher?