An easy-to-understand pension forecast

BLPK (Basellandschaftliche Pensionskasse) embarked on a project to revamp their client portal, with a primary focus on enhancing user experience. At the heart of the portal lies a pension simulator, designed to provide users with a clear and insightful projection of their second-pillar pension earnings. This transformation aims to help individuals better understand the financial aspect of their retirement, thereby ensuring a more informed and secure future.


Juli 2020

Role & team
Designer and project manager, working with the client and their brand agency

How might we make a dry but important topic more engaging?

Complicated rules and exceptional cases make it almost impossible for laypersons to understand how they can optimize their pension funds. The subject of retirement provision is often postponed, and most people deal with it too late.

To address this challenge, the project sought to define what is desirable, viable, and feasible. After the kick-off workshop, I created user stories. Some of the ideas from the workshop turned out to be too difficult to implement within a realistic budget.

The current state of your pension always on display

The new customer portal offers users a continuous snapshot of their current pension status, accompanied by a user-friendly pension forecast. Moreover, users can access and review saved pension simulations, as well as create additional scenarios for a more comprehensive and informed perspective.

Dynamic pension simulation for informed planning

Within the real-time pension simulator, users can explore diverse future scenarios, gaining valuable insights into the potential impact of adjustments like salary changes or early retirement decisions on their projected funds.