Easy-to-understand pension forecast

BLPK (Basellandschaftliche Pensionskasse) wanted to redesign their customer portal. The core of the new portal is a pension simulator that should show the users how much money they can expect to receive for their pension from the second pillar.

Leading workshops
Defining flows
UX / UI Design
Usability testing


Juli 2020


How might we make a dry but important topic more engaging?

Complicated rules and exceptional cases make it almost impossible for laypersons to understand how they can optimize their pension funds. The subject of retirement provision is often postponed and most people deal with it too late.


Understand the complicated to make it simple

To start the project, I conducted a workshop with the pension fund’s project team to understand which features should be available in the new portal. The intermediate status was then discussed in weekly remote meetings. The designs were tested with members of the pension fund using Figma prototypes.

Parallel to the redesign of the customer portal, BLPK worked with a branding agency on a new branding and a new website. I created the visual design of the customer portal based on the new brand guidelines.

Define what is desirable, viable and feasible

After the kick-off workshop, I created user stories. Some of the ideas from the workshop turned out to be too difficult to implement within a realistic budget.


A playful approach to a complicated topic

The new portal has a colorful and unbureaucratic look. The information is disclosed gradually, to avoid overwhelming the user. Simulations allow the user to try out how different future scenarios might impact their pension.

The current state of your pension always on display

The new customer portal shows the current state of the users pension and a simplified pension forecast. Aditionally, the user can see saved pension simulations and create further scenarios.

Real-time pension simulation

In the pension simulator the user can try out different future scenarios. She can therefore understand how a change in salary or the decision to retire early might affect the amount of money that will be available. The result of the simulation is directly compared to the current pension forecast.