Remote financial advice for the modern bank

The landscape of business interactions was transformed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Talking to a relationship manager remotely has become a service that people expect. In response to this evolving need, Migros Bank has taken the initiative to provide its customers with the option to receive financial advice through video calls.

Migros Bank

Juli 2020

Role & team
Designer, working with a project manager and a developer

Creating a seamless user experience in a remote setting

The concept of a remote financial advice service had been lingering in the pipeline for some time. However, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project's urgency was heightened, demanding swift implementation. Thanks our compact project team, consisting of a project manager, a developer and me as a designer, we were able to implement solution quickly.

A seamless user experience thanks to the attention to detail

Creating a user interface to start a video call might not seem very complex. However, there are many possible dead ends, if the UI is not designed carefully. We had to consider things like access rights procedures for different browsers, video formats sent by Skype for Business and the design of confirmation emails.