Optimizing desk capacity in the hybrid workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably transformed the workplace landscape, ushering in an era of remote work and hybrid office arrangements. As organizations adapt to this new reality, the need for efficient workspace management tools has become paramount. This is where my Microsoft Teams app, 'Places' steps in.

ti&m AG

Juli 2020

Role & team
Leading designer, working with a junior designer, PO and software engineers

Beyond Empty Desks: Maximizing Workspace Efficiency

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a paradigm shift swept across the corporate landscape, as organizations embraced remote work arrangements, offering employees the flexibility to work from home for a portion of the week. However, this transition posed a unique challenge: how to effectively manage office space in an era of fluctuating occupancy. ti&m AG recognized this challenge as an opportunity to develop the Microsoft application "Places" that empowers organizations to optimize their workspace utilization.

Designing a new product in an agile environment

Operating as a startup venture within ti&m AG, the 'Places' team adopted an agile approach, releasing an initial MVP and subsequently embracing a continuous delivery model. This ensured a steady stream of new features and enhancements, keeping the app in sync with evolving user needs.

As the leading designer embedded within the team of engineers, my responsibilities encompassed establishing a cohesive design language, crafting a comprehensive design system, conducting user research, providing guidance and mentorship to the junior designer on the team and managing the abundance of feature ideas from the passionate product owner.

Book your favourite spot in the office

In a sea of workstations, 'Places' is guiding employees towards their ideal workplace. Based on past booking patterns, accessibility requirements, and team affiliations, 'Places' suggests workspaces tailored to individual needs. A touch of playfulness is added by highlighting the most popular desk, sparking curiosity and encouraging employees to explore different workspace options.

Tailored for diverse workspace realities

In order to offer a competitive solution, 'Places' distinguishes itself with its adaptability and customization capabilities, catering to the unique needs of various workspace realities. Employers can tailor the booking options to suit their specific requirements, enabling employees to reserve desks for a full day, choose from predefined time slots, or select a custom time frame based on their needs. Extending its versatility beyond workspaces, 'Places' also facilitates the management of parking spaces.