Remote financial advice for the modern bank

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we interact with businesses. Talking to a relationship manager remotely has become a service that people expect. Migros Bank, therefore, decided to offer their customers the possibility to get financial advice via video call.

Lead user journey workshops
UX / UI Design
Usability testing
Follow development

Migros Bank

Juli 2020


Creating a seamless user experience in a remote setting

Migros Bank wanted to allow their customers and prospect customers to book video calls with their relationship managers through their website. While the call would be carried out by Skype for Business, Migros Bank wanted customers to have a branded experience. They commissioned ti&m AG to design and develop a branded user interface, which would be the access point to the video call for the customer.


Being a small team allowed us to move quickly from design to development

The project to create a remote financial advice service had been in the backlog for a while. When the Covid-19 pandemic happened, the project gained importance and had to be implemented quickly. Our project team was very small which allowed us to move fast.

I led a user journey workshop with the client to anticipate possible painpoints in the future user journey


A seamless user experience thanks to attention to detail

Creating a user interface to start a video call might not seem very complex. However, there are many possible dead ends, if the UI is not designed carefully. We had to consider things like access rights procedures for different browsers, video formats sent by Skype for Business and the design of confirmation emails.

The online consultation is now online.

Update Migros Bank has completed a major rebrand. The video consultation has been adapted to the brand by a different branding agency.

Help the user overcome technical challenges

One of the challenges was anticipating what settings customers might have on their computers. In order to be able to carry out the video consultation successfully, the user must ensure access to his camera and microphone.

Deal with technical constraints

Thanks to close cooperation with the developer, it was possible to understand in what form the data (e.g. video) was displayed by Skype for Business and to design the user interface accordingly.

Continuous improvement

Since it was important for the client to learn more about the performance of the remote consultation, we developed a feedback form.

Responsive design

While the assumption was that the video consultation would first and foremost be used on bigger screens, we designed and developed it fully responsive.